How We Work

SABC member organizations work together under the same recycling regulation to provide effective EPR programs to consumers in BC. We are driven by a sense of leadership and responsibility and are passionate about supporting the management of obligated products, waste reduction, the environment, and the future.

British Columbia’s commitment to the environment started in the 1970’s with the implementation of regulations that formed the basis for EPR programs as they exist today. SABC was formed to enhance the efforts of each of the different product stewardship programs specifically regarding public education and consumer awareness of the good environmental performance of the BC model.

Today, British Columbia’s EPR ‘results-based’ regulations are the most comprehensive and effective framework in North America.  Collectively, SABC members divert over 450M kg of end-of-life products from landfills, responsibly manage residuals into new products where possible, and generate $500M in economic activity that creates jobs and over $40M in taxes for local, provincial, and federal governments.