Small appliances, power tools, and electric exercise machines

ElectroRecycle is British Columbia’s small appliance and power tool recycling program. For over a decade, ElectroRecycle has partnered with depots, recycling centers, thrift stores, municipal facilities, retailers and community events throughout the province to provide free drop-off locations for small appliances and power tools.

ElectroRecycle is operated by the Canadian Electrical Stewardship Association (CESA), a not-for-profit industry association comprised of manufacturers and retailers of electrical products. CESA has over 450 members from various sectors of the small household appliance and power tool industry.

ElectroRecycle Program Highlights:

Products Accepted:

ElectroRecycle accepts over 400 different types of household electrical products ranging in size from an electric toothbrush to a countertop microwave. The program most commonly accepts small appliances and power tools, but exercise equipment powered by a cord or battery can also be recycled with ElectroRecycle. The program’s accepted products are divided into 12 categories:

* Products with refrigerants are NOT accepted by ElectroRecycle

For more information, visit www.electrorecycle.ca