Product Care Recycling

Paint, Household Hazardous Waste, Lights, Alarms

Product Care Recycling is a federally incorporated industry funded not-for-profit organization that provides recycling solutions for post-consumer paint, household hazardous waste, lighting products, and alarms on behalf of its members. Since 1994, Product Care has encouraged consumers to reduce their waste and reuse when possible, and to return unwanted products to a recycling location to ensure they are managed responsibly at their end-of-life. With thousands of recycling locations offering free product drop off across Canada, Product Care makes recycling accessible and diverts post-consumer products from landfills and waterways. For more information about Product Care’s recycling programs or to find a recycling location, visit

Paint, flammable liquids, pesticides

Products Accepted:

Household Paint

We accept many types of paint, as well as empty paint containers.

Aerosol Paint

All types of aerosol paint, including:

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Household Hazardous Waste


We accept liquid, solid and aerosol pesticides.

The maximum container size is 10 litres. The maximum aerosol container size is 680g / 24oz.

To be accepted, pesticides must have:

Flammable liquids (including gasoline)

We accept liquid and aerosol flammables. They must display the flammable symbol, or a phrase similar to “keep away from open spark or flame”.

Gasoline will be accepted only in an ULC-approved gas can or jerry can. For safety reasons, the gasoline container cannot be returned to you at drop off.


The maximum container size is 10 litres. The maximum aerosol container size is 680g / 24oz.

The maximum container size for gasoline is 25 litres.

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Products Accepted:

The BC light recycling program includes all lighting products, including all types of light bulbs and tubes, lighting fixtures and ballasts used in residential, commercial, institutional, and industrial applications.

  1. Light bulbs are defined as replaceable components/light sources designed to produce light from electricity, including replacement automative and grow lamps.
    • Compact fluorescent lights (CFLs)
    • Fluorescent tubes (straight, curved, U, circular, square, etc.)
    • High-intensity discharge (HIDs) and special purpose bulbs
    • Incandescent and halogen bulbs
    • Miniature bulbs
    • Light emitting diodes (LEDs)
    • Ultra High Performance (UHP) (replacement projector lamps)
    • UV and germicidal bulbs
  2. Lighting fixtures are defined as electrical/electronic lighting equipment with a primary purpose to illuminate space.
  3. Lighting ballasts are defined as replaceable components to regulate or transfer the electrical current/energy in a lighting fixture.
    • PBC-containing ballasts (require special handling and must not be brought to a recycling location)
    • Non-PCB-containing ballasts

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Smoke and Carbon Monoxide (CO) Alarms

Products Accepted:

You can drop off up to 40 smoke or CO alarms at once. For larger volumes, visit our commercial volumes section.

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