Tire Stewardship BC


Tire Stewardship BC (TSBC) is a not-for-profit agency in BC formed to assist tire retailers in fulfilling their obligations under the BC Recycling Regulation. Operating under the British Columbia Societies Act, Tire Stewardship BC (TSBC) is responsible for delivering BC’s scrap tire recycling program in accordance with its Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy approved Extended Producer Responsibility Plan.

The society is governed by a Board of Directors representing four member organizations:

TSBC also consults with its Advisory Committee on program policy and operational matters.

TSBC collects and processes over 5.5M car tire equivalents annually with all processing occurring in BC with value added manufacturing of recycled rubber products also happening in the province. Over 175 direct jobs have been created because of this program.

TSBC also provides grants for projects using BC recycled rubber and hosts tire collection events throughout the province.

Products Accepted:

For more information, visit tsbc.ca